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Art & Collectables

Debenham Antiques is a leading supplier of high-quality artwork and collectables suitable for a wide variety of tastes. Our extensive collection ranges from beautiful 17th century artwork to 20th century lamps and candelabras, and includes many other decorative items that serve both to retain investment value as well as looking fantastic for decades to come.

We carry watercolour and oil on canvas paintings, lamps, chandeliers, lanterns and other lighting furnishings, mirrors of varying sizes, small antiques, ceramic, glass and terracotta vases, bowls, drinking glasses, clocks, books, and small decorative items to complement any home aesthetic in a timeless and classic way.

Accentuate rooms in your home with unique, scenic artwork adorned on the walls, ornate lamps, decorative clocks of epochs past, and more. Even the smallest detail adds authenticity and character to the home’s aesthetic appeal.