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Our business is based in the beautiful village of Debenham in Suffolk, England, which is close to Constable country. Filled with charm and character, the village has plenty to offer, being declared a conversation area in 1970 and then chosen to be the representation of East Anglia in the Daily Telegraph Festival of Villages 1975. Visitors looking for antiques in our shop can also take a walk along the River Deben to admire the stunning scenery.

Generations of antique dealers

I take our pride in being the 4th generation in my family to be antique dealers who have been buying and selling antiques for over a century. These years of experience mean you can be completely confident in your dealings with us, with all of our staff being passionate and knowledgable about our range of antiques. With our expanding web presence in the UK, we also have a base in the USA with Debenham Antiques inc.

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Along with expanding our international web-based business, we also continue to retain our high street presence, with a large retail shop which we use to display our finest goods and to offer the client a more personal service for the those who like to discuss their needs. We welcome any and all clients to visit us in person to get a real look and feel of the antiques that we have to offer.

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some images from our store and team

See photos of our store and the team in action here. Our experts in furniture and paintings will assess (and repair if necessary) every antique that comes through our doors before they’re put up for sale.

Here at Debenham Antiques, we try to cater for all styles and tastes, and we believe this is reflected in our stock as you can find anything from 15th-century carvings to late 20th-century fine quality furniture. We have experts in furniture and paintings who buy our goods with safe knowledge.

World Class Stock

The size and quality of our collection is unrivalled, with pieces ranging from 15th century carvings to 20th century furniture pieces of the finest quality. We have antiques that cater to the styles and tastes of our valued customers. Browse our collection and see our antiques and artwork for yourself.

International Shipping

Every antique in our collection is eligible for international shipping. Deliveries in the UK normally deliver within 14 working days. Deliveries to the US normally ship within 7-10 working days. Medium-sized items may take a few weeks and large items 6-8 weeks via container.

Generations of Expertise

Debenham Antiques has been operating since the 1960s and is now in its fourth generation of operations. Our team of antique furniture experts ensure that every piece of furniture and artwork in our collection is genuine and authentic.

Outstanding Service

We endeavour to offer every customer a bespoke shopping experience should they have any enquiries regarding our antiques and artwork. On account of every piece being unique, we welcome any enquiries regarding specific antiques. Should you decide to purchase a piece for your collection, we will also arrange for secure shipping.


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  • 17th century
  • 18th century
  • 19th century
  • 20th century
  • continental furniture
  • english furniture
  • lighting
  • mirrors
  • paintings
  • sculpture
  • swedish furniture
  • scandinavian design

Satisfied Customers

I recently purchased a bureau plat from Debenham Antiques. It’s a beautiful piece and in my opinion it was priced appropriately. I had several questions and Ian Collins at Debenham went out of his way to be of help. I ordered white glove delivery and the service could not have been better. I will most certainly buy from this company again when the opportunity presents itself.

Herbert Kierulff

Ian was extremely helpful in arranging restoration and shipping of fine antique chest. Shipping from UK to USA was not a problem.

Harack Abama


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